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 TimTim are: Jerry (Austria), Timmy (Nigeria) & Claudia (Portugal).

TimTim employs a steady group of professional musicians from Venezuela, Africa, the USA, the Carribean & Europe, who back them in their quest to reach the multi- cultural world of music lovers a repertoir of colourful music, which speaks to and is understood by all humanity irrespective of colour or creed.

Jerry & Timmy, both singers & songwriters, founded the band in 1994 as a hobby project, without realising what dimensions their hobby music would take them to. Since then they have been an inseperable duo. Jerry, who also produces and organizes the bands´ schedules, provides the Soul and Ragga elements & Timmy, who grew up with roots reggae, injects the Afro roots.
TimTim´s search for the perfect female presence in the band has been blessed with the arrival of Claudia, who complements TimTim with her smooth soothing vocal talent and completes the trio. TimTim´s music has been nurtured by experimenting with improbable musical sounds & styles which can only be described as Reggae fusion.

At the begining TimTim toured and performed at national as well as International festivals and were constantly motivated by the positive feedback from the audiences. This made them think ahead and they decided to take their "fun project" a step further and search for ........A RECORD DEAL!!!...and it came to them through the good offices of EMI Records. The begining of their professional career.

All singles TimTim have released so far have climbed into the charts. The 1st sinlge Under the Sun was a top10 hit and stayed in the Austrian charts for 12 weeks. Further chart toppers from the same Album were Weep no Child & Ready 4 the Island. On it´s release the Album, also titled Under the Sun, went straight to #3 in the Album charts and stayed there for 15 weeks. Under the Mango Tree was #1 in the listeners charts, one of the most played singles on air & TimTim´s #1 chart summer hit of 1998.

Under the Mango Tree went Gold and was an "export hit" to Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Latin America, Arabia, Japan and other Asian countries. This made TimTim the most successful newcomer band of 1998 sales wise and on air.

Due to the public«s recognition of TimTim through their CD sales and airplay, the band was invited to play alongside established names such as Boys II Men, Ziggy Marley & Third World, among others, at the Sumfest (prev. know as Sunsplash), the World´s largest Reggae Festival, which took place in Montego Bay, Jamaica. It´s a high point in the career of TimTim which is treasured by the band not only due to the aknowledgement of the bands talent by the worlds media but also because the band has accomplished such a high profile of stage performing in such a short time.

After a Musical Sabatical in 1999, their first single SingAlongSong went straight to # 3 in the austrian pop charts,then #1 in other countries, and became - well, did anyone really expect something else? - the summer hit of the year 2000 !

The successful 2001 album No Culture, as well as the singles Man And Woman, Ska-ndal Inna Jungle and Jambo Jambo are just another perfect proof of TimTim´s astonishing capability of mixing up different styles with Reggae and creating their unique Caribbean vibe.

The Summer Album, released in 2003, is a "best of collection" of TimTim´s most successful hitsingles, including also rare material from early releases.

Iin 2007, TimTim released the Single Rum n Cocacola, a unique Andrews Sisters-Cover which became again a Summerhit in many holidayresorts such as Mallorca, Spain, Italy, the Carribean, the Pacific area and reached peak positions in many radiocharts in Germany.

In May 2010 TimTim just released their brand new single Here Come The Sunshine and they have a message to tell: "Always remember there´s sunhsine, happiness and joy of life ...."

January 2011 a new single is gonna be released Pata Pata.


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Under The Sun 14th Aug 1998
No Culture 14th Aug 2000
The Summer 14th Aug 2001


Under The Sun 14th Jul 1997 Click to listen to Tim Tim - Under The Sun
Under The Mango Tree 14th Jul 1998 Click to listen to Tim Tim - Under The Mango Tree
Ready 4 the island 14th Aug 1998 Click to listen to Tim Tim - Ready 4 the island
Sing Along Song 14th Aug 1999
Man and Women 14th Aug 2000
Summer Love 14th Aug 2000
Ska-ndal inna jungle 14th Aug 2001
Jambo Jambo 14th Aug 2001
Weep no Child 14th Aug 2007
Here Come The Sunshine 24th May 2010
Pata Pata Dec 2010

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