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Here are the links to official and non official websites dedicated to Euro-reggae groups and artists. Please e-mail me as soon as you find a broken link or to submit a new site !

The classification of the sites is only alphabetical and does not take any other criteria into account
Ace of Base

Ace of Base
Ace of Base @ My Space
Ace of Base French Website
Ace of Base Website

Animal X

Animal X Official FanClub


An interview with Cristina (AS XX)
As XX @ Best Music
Gaby ( As XX)

Be Ignacio

India Urbana
India Urbana

Belle Perez

Belle Perez
Belle Perez
Belle Perez @ King Records


Bellini @ MySpace

Betty N Boop

Betty N Boop @ Remixed Records

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

Bohlen Dieter

Bohlen Belgian Site
Bohlen World
Dieter Bohlen at Sony BMG
Dieter Bohlen fanpage
Dieter Bohlen French site


Christensen Jeanette

Jeane - The official website
Jeanette at Lebensgeschichten.prg
Jeanette at

Cottura Toni

Toni Cottura at Myspace


Dee, the official site
The Dee Site

DJ Bobo

DJ Bobo France
DJ Bobo - The Official home page
DJ Bobo at Dance Artists Info
DJ BoBo at Eurodancehits
DJ Bobo at Myspace
DJ BoBo Danish official Homepage
DJ Bobo Holland
DJ Bobo Megafan
DJ BoBo Page at EAMS
DJ Bobo Spain
Planet Bobo
Polish DJ BoBo website
Russkii Site DJ Bobo
Teddy's DJ Bobo Page

Dr Alban

Dr Alban at EAMS
Dr Alban International fanclub
Dr Alban Official website
Dr Alban's pictures at DWS


E-Rotic at Eurodancehits
E-rotic rulez
E-Rotic's official site
E-Rotic's pictures at DWS
Ofitsialnyi rossiiskii server E-Rotic
Raz Ma Taz
Russian E-rotic page


Dee, the official site
E-type is the Last Man Standing
E-Type's Official Danish Site
E-Type's Official Swedish Site
E-type's record company Lullubelle Records
Listen to E-Type
The Official Dutch E-Type Homepage

Edoff Martina

Martina Edoff Myspace
Martina Edoff official website

El Negro

El Negro

Fresh System

Crazy Z Youtube Channel

Fun Factory

Fun Factory Third Generation
Fun Factory Third Generation @ My Space

Gomez Raquel

Raquel Gomez at Musik-news


Haiducii at Mary Sol Music

Heath Hunter & The Pleasure Company

Heath Hunter on My Space
Heath Hunter Website

Jessica Jay

Jessica Jay @ Saifan
Melody Castellari
Valerie Dore vocalist

Lazy Dee

LayZee oficial website
Lazy Dee aka Diezel official website
Lazy Dee at Myspace
Lazy Dee at Myspace
Lazy Dee website
Lazy ex Mr P. at Myspace

Leila K

Leila K at Myspace
Leila K homepage

Leticia Spormann

Leticia Website


LOFT Official Website
Sue from LOFT official homepage


German Masterboy Website
Masterboy at Dance Artist Info
Masterboy at
Masterboy Webpage

Mr President

Anne Smith
Caren Miller
Daniela Haak
Mr President at Eurodancehits
Mr President at MP Creations
Mr President at Sony Japan
Mr president french website
Mr President German fanpage
Mr President Romanian Fun Club
Mr President's pictures at DWS
The official Mr President Web Site


Myra (Mr President vocalist) official website

Natasha Thomas

Natasha Thomas
Natasha Thomas FB

No Mercy

No Mercy
No Mercy

Nylon Beat

Nylon Beat Fansite
Nylon Beat Website

Pacha Man

Pacha Man MySpace


Christina Bianco
Christina Bianco
Christina Bianco on FB

Papa Dee

Official website


Adam's Paradisio Shrine
Paradisio at Dance Artists Info
Paradisio's pictures at DWS
The Paradisio fan site

Passion Fruit

Elephant Music
Passion Fruit


Luana MySpace

Sonic Dream Collective

Linn Maria ( Sonic Dream Collective)
Linn SDC interview
Linn's Blog
Official Fan My space


T-Spoon at Dance Artists Info
T-Spoon at NDG
T-Spoon's pictures at DWS
The Official T-Spoon Page

Tim Tim

Tim Tim on Myspace
Tim Tim Website

Tom Boxer

Tom Boxer Website

Unique II

Heidi Francoise
Jade Davies
Jade Davies on FB
Sheila Fernandez
Sheila Fernandez
Sheila Fernandez My Space
Unique II at Dance Artist Info
Unique II page by ES


Fan Site


My Space

Yellow Mellow

Yellow Mellow on Last FM


Christina Undhjem
Christina Undhjem on Twitter
Christine website

Other links

And here are some other links to websites I like


Eurodance Store
Eurodance Web
Music Mall (Music Shop)


Dance Artist Info
Eurodance Blog ( Romanian News Blog)
Eurodance Encyclopedia
Eurodance Wave
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