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Following the dissolution of his successful dance-pop duo Modern Talking, composer and producer Dieter Bohlen turned his attention to a new solo project which he dubbed Blue System; also assuming vocal chores, he debuted in 1987 with the single Sorry Little Sarah, soon followed by the full-length Walking on a Rainbow.

While early Blue System efforts like 1989's Body Heat, 1990's Obsession, 1991's Seeds of Heaven and 1992's Deja Vu were all produced with the aid of longtime collaborator Luis Rodriguez, beginning with 1994's X-Ten Bohlen took total creative control, heralding a shift away from the Eurodisco of past records to move into techno and house. Forever Blue followed a year later, but after 1996's Body to Body Bohlen officially reunited with former partner Thomas Anders to reform Modern Talking, with the duo issuing Back for Good two years later.

He has been in the jury of Deutschland sucht den Superstar for seasons 1 through 6 and has scored several major hits with the participants. He is often criticized for his controversial and insulting comments ("You sing like a garden gnome on ecstasy", "Your voice sounds like Kermit when someone treads on his behind"). Bohlen has also released two autobiographical books about his career and his women and his experiences with singers. The first book was an unprecedented success in Germany. Both books were also released as audio books.

In 2006, Bohlen issued a new album called Dieter - Der Film that was a soundtrack to a movie of the same name. Global sales of Bohlen's acts Modern Talking and Blue System were 125 million units and sales of all singles and albums produced by Dieter Bohlen exceed 165 million units.

2009 : Now wrotes songs for german artists like Daniel Schuhmacher ( German Idol) and Mark Medlock.




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Walking On A Rainbow 1987
Body Heat 17th Oct 1988
Twiligth 9th Oct 1989
Obsession 8th Oct 1990
Seeds Of Heaven 8th Apr 1991
Deja Vu 30th Sep 1991
Hello America 23rd Mar 1992
Backstreet Dreams 19th Apr 1993
21st Century 21st Mar 1994
X-Ten 31st Oct 1994
Forever Blue 9th Oct 1995
Body To Body 14th Oct 1996
Here I Am 17th Nov 1997
When You Are Lonely - The Greatest Love Ballads 1998


Sing Song Rhyme
She's A Lady (only in Spain)
Sorry Little Sarah 1987
Big Boys Don't Cry (only in Scandinavia) 1988
My Bed Is Too Big 1988
Under My Skin 1988
Silent Water 1988
Love Suite 1989
Magic Symphony 1989
Love Me On The Rocks 1989
Magic Symphony Remix 1990
48 Hours 1990
Love Is Such A Lonely Sword 1990
When Sarah Smiles 1990
Lucifer 1991
Testamente D'Amelia 1991
It's All Over (duet with Dionne Warwick) 1991
Déjà vu 1991
Romeo And Juliet 1992
I Will Survive 1992
History 1993
Operator 1993
6 Years - 6 Nights 1994
That's Love 1994
Dr. Mabuse 1994 Click to listen to Blue System - Dr. Mabuse
Laila 1995 Click to listen to Blue System - Laila
Only With You 1996
For The Children 1996
Body To Body 1996
Love Will Drive Me Crazy 1997
Anything 1997


Laila (remixes by Masterboy Beat Production) 1995

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