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26th May 2012 - Masterboy To celebrate his 15 years as a DJ at Sunshine Live radio, Klubbingman gathered all the intros and opening tracks he published on Welcome To The Clubs compilations, a totol of 45 tracks, on a special fan edition CD entitled Welcome to My World.   (thanks Kdj)

27th Jan 2012 - Masterboy posted on utube a video where they describe atmoshere from their studio.

8th May 2011 - Linda Rocco Masterboy is preaparing a new single , the news was posted on her official facebook, the date and what genre will be the future single - we don\'t know...

30th Dec 2010 - Tommy Schleh is currently busy in studio, working on the Masterboy\'s long-awaited new album. He also promised a new Klubbingman single for 2011.(Thanks to KDJ)

5th Nov 2010 - Masterboy After T-Spoon, Twenty 4 Seven another eurodance act makes his presence on dance scene, i\'m talking about german project Masterboy, Enrico Zabler one of the founders, just announce on his facebook account that in December he goes in studio to record a new material who will be out next year in January.
Masterboy was one of pioneers of eurodance genre but in 2006 Enrico, Trixi & Tommy decided that it\'s time for a brake and they continued with their solo projects.So in 2011 Trixi Tommy & Enrico will be again on stage promoting their new album.
Ace of Base gave an exclusive interview to Scandipop you can read it here

13th Feb 2010 - Klubbingmann (Schleh Tommy) just released his new mix compilation Welcome to the Club 18 Buy it here

6th Feb 2010 - C&C Music Factory Former member Freedom Williams comeback on dance scene with a new single, Freedom was in dance group C & C Music Factory and also worked with Linda Rocco on the Masterboy US Album from 2006, the tune it\'s called \"Party Time\" and was released on in 2009 in December o all digital megastores. The song can be listen here.

30th Jan 2010 - Linda Rocco (Masterboy) gave us an exclusive interview. You can read the interview here.

18th Apr 2009 - Masterboy  New vocals of Trixi (former Masterboy vocalist) can be found on the track Store\'n\'Forward feat. Trixi - Hallo World.

13th Apr 2009 - Masterboy  The new Klubbingman (Tommy Schleh) single will be out on May 15th in Germany, and as digital release worldwide. Discover it on Once again, Trixi sings the vocals (thanks to Joseph).

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