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7th Jul 2012 - Lyane Leigh just posted a message on her official twitter account that she\'s working on a new material

28th Jun 2012 - Lyane Leigh newest single it\'s called Lay Your Love On Me and was made with Coma Baby. Watch the video 

23rd Jun 2012 - Raz-ma-Taz (former E-rotic rapper) posted on his facebook account that he would shoot his new video with Dirty South Squad in Atlanta on June 29th.*infos Kdj

15th May 2012 - Sex Appeal published a preview of their forthcoming album Russian Roulette on their Reverbnation account.

7th Apr 2012 - S*E*X Appeal will released this month the new material \"Russian Roulette\".

10th Sep 2011 - RazMaTaz said on his official FB account that is preparing his future single with Anna Belle & Whitney Joesten, and will be released worldwide soon. Razmatas was the lead rapper of eurodance project E-Rotic, and in 97 he left the project for a solo career.

15th Aug 2011 - S*E*X Appeal The new single from ex E-Rotic vocalist Lyane Leigh - \"Poison called love\" the ep will be released on September 2nd and will be included on the forthcoming album \"Russian Roulette\".

31st Jul 2011 - S*E*X Appeal next EP will be released in September and it\'s called \"Poison Called Love\".

25th Feb 2011 - E-Rotic lead singer Lyane Leigh, launched with Sam Walkertone & Kevin Kelly a new single called \"Toxic Kiss \". The single is available world wide, Lyane Leigh can be seen as E-Rotic this year at I love the 90s. The single can be buy it here.

5th Nov 2010 - Lyane Leigh E-Rotic lead singer and Dani D are taking part to a musical show dedicated to Abba. Lyane is playing the role of Agnetha. more here

21st Oct 2010 - S*E*X Appeal Lyane Leigh E-Rotic lead singer gave an exclusive interview to where she explains how she started the story with showbiz, Lyane owns with her brother 3H Records, Lyane explains \"that it\'s very difficult this days to have the same success like you have in 90\'s, it\'s very hard to adapt on market full with people without talent and with nothing to tell thru their music, music is like fashion today you in and tomorrow you\'re out you must adapt the old with new trends, but  are also  and few artists who made it without a promotion team take a look of Luciana (Bodyrox) or Pandora.Recently she released on the Amazon a material with her 90\'s hits called \"Peeping Tom Reloaded\" and now is working on the new material who will be out next year. The interview can be read here

30th Jul 2010 - Dj Bambis Made an amazing mash up of E-Rotic hit single \"Dr. Dick\" versus Lady Gaga single \"Just Dance\" You can listen the single here.

23rd Jul 2010 - S.E.X Appeal aka Lyane Leigh (Ex E-Rotic) released for fans only a free track called \"Relieve my desperation\" the song was launched in the way to promote her last material \"Peeping Tom Reloaded\"  In January Lyane collaborate with Shoot project on \"Wild Thing\" more infos here .
You can download for free \"Relieve my desperation\" here

27th Feb 2010 - S*E*X Appeal aka Lyane Leigh and E-Rotic ex former vocalist launched on amazon an album with all Sex Appeal hits, called \"Reflections\".

20th Feb 2010 - Eurodance Club The next Eurodance Club concert will take place in Stuttgart next 29th October. The lineup will include Layzee (Mr president), Massive Tunes, E-Rotic, Kenny M and more. Tickets will be available from March 20th.

6th Feb 2010 - S*E*X Appeal Lyane Leigh former E-Rotic vocalist, said on her Facebook account that is preparing a new material with all S*E*X Appeal hits like \"Voulez Vous coucher avec moi, Dirty Talk, Life goes up, Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill\" and some songs from E-Rotic too. The material will be called \"Reflections\" and will be dropped out on all digital platforms on February 26 2010 .

4th Sep 2009 - S*E*X Appeal Lyane (the real voice of E-Rotic) released the single and the video \"Sex on the phone\". The single can be found on Amazon.

2nd Aug 2009 - S.E.X Appeal Do you miss E-Rotic ? The german eurodance project who sings about sex ? I have a news for you Lyane Leigh ( Ex E-rotic) and the real voice of E-Rotic is back this summer with her project S.E.X Appeal, the new single it\'s a cover after E-Rotic song \"Sex on the phone\" , the single will be released in August .

19th Jan 2009 -  E-Rotic Jeanette Christensen (Face of E-Rotic in 1996-2001) can be seen every Sunday at 18:00 CET on Swiss SFinfo channel a show called Fenster.

6th Jun 2008 - S.E.X. Appeal(ex E-Rotic) Lyanne is looking for a Deejay to make a remix of her hit song Peeping Tom.

2nd May 2008 - E-Rotic could release a cover of Vanilla Ninja s song Liar..

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