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23rd Jul 2011 - Ace of Base made a new song called \"Hold Me\", will be the future single? Ace of Base are now Ulf, Jonas and 2 new vocalists Clara and Julia who replaced Malin & Jenny. The new material will be probably released later this year.

4th Feb 2011 - Jenny Berggren(Ace of Base)  rumors are saying that her next single will be called \"Natural Superstar\", the tune is from her debut album called \"My story\". 

5th Nov 2010 - Ace of Base gave an exclusive interview to Scandipop you can read it here

28th Oct 2010 - Ace of Base recorded a new tune while were on promotion tour in New York, the track it\'s called \"All Night Long\" and will be included on the future material and was played on Sirius Radio. Right now they are on promotion tour for \"The Golden Ratio Album\".

14th Oct 2010 - Ace Of Base New album was released official on October 5th. And can be pre order here (Thanks to Anders Bøgh)

8th Oct 2010 - Ace Of Base New album was released official on October 5th. And can be pre order here ( Thanks to Anders ) 
Jenny Berggren Ace of Base lead singer released her solo album called \"My story\", an material wrote by Jenny herself were she talks about love and hate inspired by life experince.On the material will be included also and the singles  \"Free me\", \"Here I am\" & \"Gotta Go\", the material can be pre order here.

25th Sep 2010 - Ace of Base 2010 On their facebook account appear a message from one of new members \"Clara\"\"It’s important for me that everybody understand that I’m not here to take anyones place. I love to sing, and when I got this chance I understood that not everybody would accept me and Julia immediately. Linn and Jenny were very popular but hopefully people will see that we are two other persons that will try to do our very best to please the fans. I’m proud to be here...\" said Clara on Ace Of Base facebook official account.

18th Sep 2010 - Ace of Base 2010 release in Germany the album \"The Golden Ratio\", the material includes 12 tracks, all wrote by Ulf and Jonas.

2nd Sep 2010 - Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base lead singer) release her 3th single called \"Gotta go\" the single will be included on her new material, who will be launched in europe on October 13th.

19th Aug 2010 - Ace of Base are filming the new video for \"All for you\" the new song from \"Ace of Base 2010\" . The single is promoted on all radios over Europe.

23rd Jul 2010 - Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren ( lead singer ) announced on her Facebook account that was left outside from this project she not even called her to talk about the fourth member.

16th Jul 2010 - Ace of Base The new single from Ace of Base will be called \"All For You\" and not \"Mr. Replay\". The song will be released on July 16th and will be serviced to radio stations in Europe this Friday. Soon will be posted and a sample of the song. Right now Ulf and Jonas is working in studio in Poland at Ace of Base material the date release is unknown yet.

9th Jul 2010 - Ace of Base aka Ulf, Jonas and the new vocalists Clara and Julia made a song called \"Mr Replay\" the date of release is unknown yet. You can listen a preview here
Ace of Base Jenny Berggren it\'s working at her solo album, the material is expecting on September 15th.

3rd Jul 2010 - Ace of Base are back but they change the members, the new formula is Ulf, Jonas and 2 new vocalists Clara and Julia who replaced Malin & Jenny.  

26th Jun 2010 - Ace of Base Jenny Berggren lead singer of Swidish pop band Ace of Base released on April her 2nd single called \"Here I am\" and will be included on Jenny\'s future album. For this track Jenny shoot an amazing video directed by Rickard Engfors. more infos here

13th Feb 2010 - Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren said on her official twitter account that it\'s preparing some new songs.Jenny: \"Sometimes the mood of making music captures me. Now it\'s only me and the piano... New songs comes pouring out from my heart.\"

25th Jan 2010 - Dr Alban and Haddaway will be on stage of the first 90s concert in France ! We Are The 90s will take place in Paris on February 13th. (Thanks to Klems)Ace of Base Rico Bernasconi made a remix after Ace of Base success \"Cruel summer\", the tune was dropped out on September 2009.

30th Nov 2009 - Ace Of Base Jenny Berggren (Ace of Base former vocalist) is working on her solo material who will be launched in 2010, till now, one song is done and soon will be released.

10th Oct 2009 - Ace of Base tracks Beautiful Life and Hello Hello are  on \"You don\'t mess with Zohan\"  also and Tehnotronic hit \"Pump up the jam! \"

4th Sep 2009 - Ace of Base band members took a break and Jenny Berggren (vocalist) announced on her twitter account that is preparing a solo album.Jenny said : \"Ace of Base is my ground. Going solo is another dream come true.\"Jenny is still working at her material who will be ready next year, till then you can read her book who will be launched on 18th September.

15th Aug 2009 - Ace of Base Rico Bernasconi covered the hit single \"Cruel Summer\", this cover was released on August 21 on Juno.

18th Apr 2009 - Ace of Base  Don\'t Turn Around \'09 is the 4th remix kit in the Ace of Base Remix Community Project!The original pop song has been redefined for this kit. Now you have the chance to remix it and show it to Ace of Base how you think it should sound in 2009! Ace of Base is listened to your requests for even more separated tracks, so for this kit you\'ll get no less than 21 separate stereo tracks, including voice, choir, synths, percussion and bass! Check hereRules and prizes here

3rd Apr 2009 - Ace of Base an dutch artist recover the hit of the 90\'s \"All that she wants\" from Ace of Base, the name of the artist is Salemme.
Her single it\'s played all ready on TMF but my opinion i prefer the classic version from Ace of Base.

27th Nov 2008 - Ace Of Base you can discover some new tracks on Ace of Base Myspace.The songs are recalls of Lucky Love and Don’t Turn Around.

10th Nov 2008 - Ace of Base Was last weekend in Bucharest for a concert..The band was happy to be in Romania ... it was the first time ..Ace of base for the moment are in tour in Europe called Redefined Tour 2009.. The next stop will be Dominican republic in Santo Domingo on December 17th 2008. More infos check the Official Website

25th Oct 2008 - Ace Of Base  Wheel Of Fortune 2009 has now finally been released! The date was on 24th October .The Greatest Hits  Double Cd+Dvd will be out on November. The material has 12 track including two new tracks.A new album with brand new material will follow next year.

10th Oct 2008 - Ace of Base Swedish band will be on tour and on 8 November will arrived on Sala Palatului in Bucharest .

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