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Yamboo is a german tanzhammer-pop project created by the producers-team UNIT, master sound of DOWN LOW and RAPPER AGAINST RACISM. Members are Silvie Prvu and Giselle vocalists. Silvie has danced for the german popstar Oli P.
Everything started in 1999, with international Top 10 hit "Fiesta De La Noche" then was fallowed by a romantic Top 40 ballad "Come With Me" .
In  2001 Yamboo, landed with "Kalinka" a superb après-ski hit who entred  in the Top 50 Media Control set charts.
It was followed by other titles such as "Torero", "Star," "Oh Suzanna" and "Pata Pata", all of which were able to place in the European charts and Yamboo traveled as an ambassador of the International party scene around the globe.
In 2005  the girls comeback with "Mapouka" the summer song with catchy Chakalaka Warranty ... and later  made a collaboration with Euro-dance icon  "Dr Alban "to bring out the mega hit" Sing Hallelujah " the single entred directly in the top 10 of European dance charts.
2008 : Launched a new single called Discotheque
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Okama De Mapouka (Japan) Dec 2005


Come With Me (Bailamos) May 1999
Fiesta De La Noche (The Sailor Dance) Jun 1999
Torero (Aya Baila) Aug 2000
Pata Pata May 2001
Kalinka Aug 2001 Click to listen to Yamboo - Kalinka
Star Dec 2001
Mapouka Jun 2005
Sing Hallelujah Aug 2006 Click to listen to Yamboo - Sing Hallelujah
Discotheque Dec 2007

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