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 Yaki-Da were a Swedish pop group consisting of singers Marie Knutsen and Linda Schönberg. They were put together by Ace of Base band member and producer Jonas "Joker" Berggren. Berggren produced their entire first album and wrote all but two of the songs appearing on it.They released their first album, Pride, in 1995 and the album's lead single, "I Saw You Dancing" reached number 54 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 11 on the Billboard Dance Charts. They were somewhat more successful in Europe and Asia.

Their second album, A Small Step For Love, was released in 1998. It featured no collaborations with Jonas Berggren. The album spawned one single, entitled "I Believe". The song and album saw a very limited release in Europe and Korea. A music video, shot inside of a Korean airport (but featuring Chinese characters), was released for "I Believe".
One of the songs Jonas Berggren wrote and produced for Pride, "Show Me Love", was re-recorded by Berggren's own band, Ace of Base, for their 2002 album, Da Capo.



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Pride Apr 1995
A Small Step For Love Apr 1999


I Saw You Dancing Apr 1994 Click to listen to Yaki-Da  - I Saw You Dancing
Pride of Africa Dec 1994
Deep in the Djungle Dec 1995
Show Me Love Dec 1995 Click to listen to Yaki-Da  - Show Me Love
I believe Dec 1998
If Only The World Dec 1999

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