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 The group Nylon Beat has been the most successful band in Finland during their 5 year history. This multi Grammy nominated band (e.g. band of the year 1999) was originally formed by two 16 year-old ladies: Jonna Kosonen and Erin Koivisto in 1995. Nylon Beat started their career touring with dancers and a backing-tracks. For the past two years they have continuously toured with a live band, now being the busiest ladies in the business.

Nylon Beat’s first two Finnish albums: “Nylon Beat“ -1996 and “Satasen Laina“ - 1997 both sold platinum. “Nylon Moon“ was released 1998 in several territories and also went gold in Finland. “Valehtelija“ –1999 is soon reaching for double platinum. Nylon Beat’s 5th album “Demo“, which was released June 13, 2000 – went gold before it’s release due to massive pre-orders.

Nylon Beat has hit the charts with several #1 hits, they have won prizes with their videos, a book about Nylon Beat is a best seller - they’ve done it all! Also other artists have covered Nylon Beat’s catchy pop songs, for example a million seller from South Korea called S.E.S.

And the success story continues...

Nylon Beat’s latest single release “Syytön“ - “Guilty“ in English – was first released as a cell-phone ring in a live happening, one week before it’s official release. The audience loaded the ring to their phones and played the melody along with the band, bringing this event to the cover of Wall Street Journal and Guinness World Records. The single went immediately #1 in air play charts.

These beauties are well known about their ever energetic performance and unique sound. In the beginning some people thought that the sound was created with machines. But it is natural, it is the trade mark of Nylon Beat and the more you listen to it the more you are bound to like it!

One of the most important keys to Nylon Beat’s success is that they are who they are! There is nothing artificial in them, they are not a created product, but just two crazy girls with good sense of humor. “Nylon Moon. It doesn’t make any sense. It is just like us, we don’t make any sense either.“ (Jonna & Erin commenting the title of their English album)

Nylon Beat’s future projects include a new album in English (fall 2001). Coming soon is also a daily Nylon Beat comic strip in a WAP environment, new cell-phone rings and other new technology based innovations.

To Nylon Beat the music always comes first, but they are not afraid to take a chance with 21st century’s technology.

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Nylon Beat Apr 1996
Satasen Laina Dec 1996
Nylon Moon Mar 1998
Valehtelija Mar 1999
Demo Mar 2000
Extreme Mar 2001
Last In Line 2002
12 Apinaa 2003
Comeback - 40 Hittiä 2007
Maailman Pisin Luokkaretki 2007


Oot Kuin Karkkia Mulle Apr 1995
Rakastuin Mä Looseriin Apr 1996
Like A Fool Apr 1997 Click to listen to Nylon Beat - Like A Fool
Viimeinen Apr 1997
Ainut Jonka Sain Mar 1999
Musta Joulu Mar 1999
Seksi Vie Ja Taksi Tuo / Liikaa Mar 1999
Anna Mulle Mar 2001
Guilty 17th Aug 2001
12 Apinaa 28th Mar 2003

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