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Musical team : Robin Masters, Kai Matthiesen, D. Rennalds, George E. Jones.
Manager : Jens Neumann.

Trio Mr. President from Bremen (Germany) are Lady Danii (Daniela Haak, 22), T Seven (Judith Hildebrandt, 19) and LayZee (Delroy Rennalds, 29). The history of group is quite interesting and you have to look back to early '90s and the group called Satellite One which was managed by Jens Neumann.

It happened around 1992 when T met Jens. She really wanted to get into his Satellite One group, but Jens didn't like the idea of having at that time 14 year old girl in the group He did change his mind after he saw how T could dance.

Lady Danii also joined Satellite One, but later than T. She was participating in many dance competitions performing mostly Hip Hop. In one such competition, she met Jens and tried to convince him to take her to the group. The 'lucky' day happened quite soon. One day a singer from Satellite One got sick and need for replacement emerged. That how she got in. Both T and Lady Danii became close friends.

M stands for Music, R stands for Rhythm. So they how did end up with name MR. They figured it out that the highest position a human being might get is a President, and that how they came with the name...

Mr President's very first single was entitled M.M. This song was an homage to Marilyn Monroe. But everything started with the second single Up'n'Away, which almost hit top 10 in Germany, sold gold and played widely all over Europe. At this time, the rapper of the group was named Sir Prophet. After argues about the group's management he left the project.

Lazy Dee came to Germany in the early nineties with a reggae group on tour. He met Lady Danii and T became Mr President's new rapper and male vocalist.

In 1995 Mr. President released their very first album, entitled Up' N Away. This album was a great success too. I'll Follow The Sun was a hit too, reaching #23 in Germany, anyway it did not have quite same outcome. The next single to be released was 4 On The Floor, which reached #38. Then came Gonna Get Along (Without Ya Now), a cover of a song sung by Teresa Brewer in 1952, by Patience & Prudence in 1956, then by Skeeter Davis in the sixties and Viola Wills in the seventies, and more recently the Lemonheads in 1991. It peaked to #31 in the German charts and a remixes CD maxi was released with 3 new versions.

1996 : The euro-reggae Coco Jamboo had been at first released in March as a track promoting this album. It eventually became an ultimate hit, probably their most well-known single of all times, immediately jumping high in Dance Charts, and reaching #2 in the German sales charts. 2 monthes later a first remixes maxi-CD was released. It contained the radio version and 4 new mixes. Then in June came another remixes maxi-CD, this time with 6 new remixes. Coco Jamboo earned the BMI Awards for being the European track most frequently aired by US radio stations.

The second album We See The Same Sun was released in May 1996, bringing many new hits. Entire new album was described as a very colourful and happy production, containing many typical eurodance tracks (for instance I Give You My Heart and Don't You Ever Stop) but also all the other trends popular in 1996. Some songs, such as Goodbye Lonely Heart, reminded Italo-Disco. Love Zone and Love The Way You Love Me had a rave and happy-harcore touch. Show Me The Way was a slow song with a R'nB flavor. Another very slow track was Olympic Dreams, performed by classic Italian dance style star Nino De Angelo, supported by a choir of Lady Danii, T, Lazy Dee and the voices of Caren Miller, Madienne Lang and Marion Schweiger. Where The Sun Goes Down was a good eurodance track with a strong latino touch.

"There is no band that reflects joy, happiness and fun in the way that we do. When we sing, people start to realise that there are many things in life other than war, violence and envy. We make music so that people don't forget all the beautiful things that life has to offer." Delroy explains.

September 1996, Mr. President recorded a video clip for their hot hit called I Give You my Heart that was the follow-up to their ultra Summer hit Coco Jamboo. In the clip Danii is a cashier in the movie theater taken from the '50s. Her attention caught a dark-haired guy who buys her a ticket. Their eyes lock for a second, he smiles to Danii and leaves. Disappointed, Danii still looks at him until he disappears in the theater. She decides to follow him into the dark hall of the theatre. She spots him in the first row and sits in the empty seat on his left side. In the movie Marylin Monroe plays a leading role. The darkhaired guy cannot concentrate his attention on the movie any longer and turns his face toward Danii. They start looking deep at each other eyes, and their hands start touching. His hand is starting stroking Danii's naked neck. Soon after they cuddle together and video is getting quite steamed. No it is not a pornographic clip, rather an erotic one. The only thing you could see later are black stockings and suspenders weared by Danii. For Danii to make this clip was a weird experience, especially to kiss somebody upfront of the camera. Danii and Gregor (a 20 years old Austrian actor from Vienna who played the mate role in this clip) met just few hours before they made the clip together. The other members of the Mr. President crew were also part of the clip. Lazy D was the projector operator and T Seven checked the valid tickets. Video clip was recorded in the end of June 1996 in the one of Vienna's theater. Screenplay was written by T Seven. But this clip is about unhappy love affair since all the 'love scenes' are only dreamt by Danii. She wakes up in the end of the clip alone in her ticket booth. When T Seven wrote the screen, she purposely located it in '50s. The belle epoque of 'Marilyn Monroe' was very romantic in her opinion, everybody loved her so much. T Seven explained that this video clip helped her to fulfill on of her dream to become at least once like her and to resemble Marylin's look. I Give You my Heart peaked #7 in Germany. Mr. President during the summer went in European Tournee including Germany, Austria and Poland.

In November, the single Show Me The Way was released. Even if the style differed and probably deceived some fans, it went #28 in the German charts. The single contained a Christman version of Coco Jamboo.

May 1997 : is Mr. President really Mr. President ? Press was full of gossips that Delroy, Judith and Daniel could not sing and and that the voices on the Mr. President's records belonged to somebody else. The Hamburg's leading and well-known magazine Stern reported that the whole scandal started in German Radio station Bremen 4. During the air program where members of Mr. President were interviewed, presenter asked them to perform on live and acapella their recent hit I Give you My Heart. They did and the presented version was very far from the original one we all know. The members of the group could hardly sing and forged the sound. It could be possible that all members of the group had soar throat. After this program the gossips started to spread that the Mr. President members were only 'packaging' the real voices belonging to other people, just like many other dance acts. Stern even gave out the names of real singers: Anne Schroeder, Karen Mueller and William King. The group denied these accusations.

Afterwards, Mr. President's single released a euro-reggae single called JoJo Action. With a sunny tropical videoclip, the group tried to repeat the success they had the previous year with Coco Jamboo (5 times gold records, twice platinum). Interestingly it was recorded before Coco Jamboo but at this time it never made it to the We See The Same Sun album. JoJo Action reached #4 in the German charts.

Lady Danii also spent some time with the new group Reset while the Mr. President crew was taking a vacation between July 26th and August 10th, 1997. The rest of the time was spent working in Finland. They were also preparing for their next tour, promoting their forthcoming album Night Club.

The new album was released in the end of August 1997. T Seven had changed her look, now wearing a short hair, finally giving up on her artificial tresses. In the booklet of the album, the members of the group gave some background explanations for each song. For instance, you will learn that some of the sounds used in the album had been recorded in Times Square when they stayed in New York City back in 1996.

August 22nd, 1997 was the day when the premiere of the new single Take Me To The Limit video was shot. This was a very sexual and provocative video. The single was released on September 5th, 1997 and reached #11 in Germany. A remixes maxi-CD was released the next month. The group started their US Live Tour in November 1997, a show full of magic and sexual explicity.

In December, the single Where Do I Belong was out. It was a slow track, recorded with Münchner Freheit. The single contained a bonus CD-ROM track with a Mr President screensaver. It went #49 in Germany.

1998 : Happy People was released in July. It was a euro-reggae track which went #15 in Germany. This time, for once, Danii did the lead vocals. Once again the group aimed at the summer hit.

1999 : Mr. President after more than one year of complete silence came back with new album released in the end of May of 1999 and entitled Space Gate. Almost at the same time their brand new single called Give A Little Love was released as well. In August came the usual summer euro-reggae track, this time entitled Simbaleo, reaching #30.

2000. Their new new live tour, the Space Gate Tour, was supposed to begin in April 2000, but T Seven left the group. A female singer called Nadia was casted to her place, but she didn't stay much than one year. She did not record any song for the group, she only appeared on stage.

Mr.President released Up'n'Away 2K on November 6th. The new album entitled A Kind Of Best was released on November 20th, it contained some unreleased songs.

2001 : Mr President were now Danii and Lazy Dee. T Seven had released her first solo single entitled Hey Mr President, followied by another one called Passion. In June Mr president came back to the studio, to put the last songs together for the upcoming new album and to produce the new single, which is announced as suprising song and "the right number to come back and hit the charts".... On the 12th of August they gave a live show in Rostock... under the rain !

2003 : after 2 years of silence and a Best Of album, Mr President were back ! A new album (Love, Peace & Sunshine) and a new single (Love, Sex & Sunshine) were planned for February 2003. The euro-reggae single Love, Sex & Sunshine went #23 in the charts. Lazy D and Lady Danii were still a part of the project. T-Seven had been replaced by a new vocalist called Myra. The new album was released in Japan, where it came along with a DVD including 2 clips.

Then came Forever And One Day, which went #51 in Germany. Afterwards, Myra left the band.

2004 : another female vocalist called Franzi joined the group. She appeared on stage for the group's live appearances. Mr President was among the guests of the TV-show Hits Giganten on the German channel Sat1. They sung their biggest hit Coco Jamboo (photos).

2005 : Mr president left Sony Music and recorded the track Sweat (A La La La La Long), which was available for download by iTunes, along with other unreleased tracks. No official release date for the single was given.

2006 : a Mega Mixes EP was released in August on iTunes.

2009 : Jens Neumann Mr.P manager launched via itunes a material with unreleased tracks, the materialincludes 10 tracks and a cover after ABBA hit "Thank you for the music".

2010: LayZee former member wrote a song for german singer Carlota Truman,  "All in the game" it's the song from Mr.President album Forever in one day but addapted for World cup 2010.

2010: LayZee's new single it's called "Thankful" a song made with Robert Jan van der Toorn ( Papa bear, Nana,Marky Mark).


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Mr President (US album) 1995
Up' N Away 1995
Up'n Away - The Special Album 1995
We See The Same Sun 1996
Coco Jamboo remix EP 21st Jun 1996
Nightclub 1997
Coco Jamboo Xmas 1997
Space Gate 1999
A Kind Of Best 2000
Forever And One Day 2003
Unreleased Album 28th Jul 2009


M.M. 23rd Aug 1993
Up\'N Away 15th Oct 1994 Click to listen to Mr President - Up\\\\\\\'N Away
I ll Follow The Sun 3rd Mar 1995
4 On The Floor 9th May 1995 Click to listen to Mr President - 4 On The Floor
Gonna Get Along 8th Sep 1995
Coco Jamboo 29th Mar 1996 Click to listen to Mr President - Coco Jamboo
I Give You My Heart 26th Jul 1996 Click to listen to Mr President - I Give You My Heart
Show Me The Way 8th Nov 1996 Click to listen to Mr President - Show Me The Way
Jojo Action 9th Jun 1997 Click to listen to Mr President - Jojo Action
Take Me To The Limit 5th Sep 1997 Click to listen to Mr President - Take Me To The Limit
Where Do I Belong 8th Dec 1997
Happy People 2nd Jul 1998 Click to listen to Mr President - Happy People
Give A Little Love 26th Apr 1999
Simbaleo 6th Aug 1999 Click to listen to Mr President - Simbaleo
Up' N Away 2000 2000
Love Sex And Sunshine Jan 2003 Click to listen to Mr President - Love Sex And Sunshine
Forever And One Day 30th May 2003 Click to listen to Mr President - Forever And One Day
Sweat (A La La La La Long) (as downloadable track only) 2005 Click to listen to Mr President - Sweat (A La La La La Long) (as downloadable track only)
Up'n Away 2011 Dec 2010


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