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Leticia Spormann
Leticia Spormann
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Real Name: Spormann Leticia was born in Cuba and at the age of seven participate on  the Cuban television on talent show called "Que Siempre Sol glasses it" . After a basic musical education she attended high school and graduated with a diploma. Then she started in 1994 the training as a food technician. During this time she attended the “Instituto Superior de Arte’ Art Institute . After her education completed Leticia  started various tours with her band through Cuba. In the late 1990s she moved to Germany.
Leticia was the lead singer of Bubblegum Dance project Passion Fruit she contribuite in  2000 on the album Spanglish Love Affairs. She received a gold single with Passion Fruit, and was nominated for Echo. 2004 - 2007 Leticia published several singles under different studio projects.
2008: it had over 300,000 records sold. The same year she began working with producer Axel Breitung to produce her own album, whose lyrics she writes.
2009: Leticia release the single Cafe Nero.

2010: A new version of The Rigga Ding Dong Song was release by Leticia, the tune will be included on her debut album Summer Feeling.


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Official websites

Leticia Website



Summer Feeling Jun 2010


Why Do You Treat Me Badly Dec 1993
Kiss Me...(Na,Na,Na) 26th May 2006 Click to listen to Leticia Spormann - Kiss Me...(Na,Na,Na)
Romeo 18th Mar 2007
Café Negro 17th Jul 2009 Click to listen to Leticia Spormann - Café Negro
The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song 29th Apr 2010 Click to listen to Leticia Spormann - The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song
Take Me To The Limit 16th Mar 2011
Alma Latina 10th Jun 2011 Click to listen to Leticia Spormann - Alma Latina
Fiesta Pistolero 6th Sep 2011
Shalala Song 31st Jan 2012
Lava Mar 2012


Leticia - Mama Eu Quero von Ritmo Rio
Leticia - Kiss Me...(Na,Na,Na)
Leticia - Romeo von Leticia
Leticia - Sommer 2009 Cafe Negro (album)
Leticia - The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song 2010
Leticia - Mamãe Eu Quero
Passion Fruit - Wonderland Click to listen to Passion Fruit - Wonderland
Passion Fruit - Spanglish Love Affairs (album)
Passion Fruit - Sun Fun Baby (Looky Looky) Click to listen to Passion Fruit - Sun Fun Baby (Looky Looky)
Passion Fruit - The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song
Passion Fruit - Bongo Man Click to listen to Passion Fruit - Bongo Man
Passion Fruit - I'm Dreaming Of... A Winter Wonderland


Ritmo Rio - Mamãe Eu Quero Dec 2003

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