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All songs are released under WEA Records, Warner Music Germany GMBH.

The producer is Alex Christensen (U 96). So it's no surprise that Daisy Dee was featured on the first song Vamonos (which peaked #8 in the German Media Control charts). Vamonos and Te Quiero, Latina (less succesful, only #85 in Germany) were written by Carlos Canzini, Pedro Carrera, Francesco Martinez and Angelo Valdez.

In 1997 the team changed a bit and the songs got a new style : euro-reggae. The songs Bamboleo (#14 in Germany), La Vida Bonita (#51 in Germany), and Kalimba De Luna (#49 in Germany) were written by Giora Schein, Michael Eisele and Boris Buchhaus. The vocals were done by Rod D and Raquel Gomez.

Rod D was later replaced by a new rapper called Rob Money, while 2 vocalists called Daniela and Eve had taken the place of Raquel. Antoher vocalist called Ouided Khachnaoui (born in Germany from a father from Tunisia) also took part tot he project.

After some years of silence, Garcia released a new single in 2000 called Imagine.

2004 : the release of a remix of their big hit Bamboleo was planned, along with a new album...

Thanks to Christian Icking and Klems

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Dance Bamboleo (Japanese version) 1998


Vamonos (Hey Chico Are You Ready) 1st Jul 1996
Te Quiero Latina 18th Oct 1996
Bamboleo 27th Jun 1997
La Vida Bonita 25th Jun 1998
Kalimba De Luna 15th Jun 1999
Imagine 28th Jan 2000

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