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Betty n´ Boop consists of Eva and Annika.

They have been dancing together for many years as well as singing with coverbands and several other local bands. The first time they ever sang together was back in 1993 when their parents brought them together.

Eva, who lives in Västerås, graduated from theTeachers course at the university of Uppsala in 1998 and has since been working as pre-school teacher as well as a singer. Eva want to work with music full-time - "Of course!""Otherwise I would never have kept going inspite of all setbacks."

Eva has attended a music class at "Fryellska Skolan" in Västerås, where Bror Danielson was her teacher. She has been taking dancing lessons for 15 years at the "Liz Helgottson" school of Balett, where she has been dancing both classic and jazz. She has also taken lessons at the "Emilio Ingrosso" School of dancing. In 1990 she and three other girls started the group Expose, and performed on nightclubs all around Sweden. Among her merits you notice that she has danced on Robert Brobergs' Målarrock and she has acted in a movie called "En film om Sverige" as an extra. Eva has also recorded advertising jingles. You can say that Eva is comfortable in doing different things with focus on music and dancing. What Eva likes the most is to perform, sing and dance! She doesn't like high heights and snakes scares her to death!

Annika lives in Västerås too. After college she has worked on a restaurant, a clothes shop and on nightclubs in Västerås and in Härnösand.
Just like Eva sha has danced at Liz Helgosson's. Annika plays both piano and guitarr and has had solid musical experiences thanks to working has a busker on pubs as well as singling lead in several local coverbands.One of Annikas highest dreams is to one day swim with dolphins.
Currently Annika and Eva is working on new album material with different producer teams including; Jorge Vasconselo and Juha Myllylä (Caramell) and Claes Wrigsell and Michael Clauss (Dominoo, Indigo Blue).

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No Dinero No Amor Jun 1998
Mr. Sun May 1999
Maria Magdalena Aug 1999 Click to listen to Betty N Boop - Maria Magdalena

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