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 Bellini is produced by the Bellini Brothers -Gottfried Engels and Ramon Zenker - they borrowed the name from the much honored captain of the World Cup-winning Brazilian national soccer team of 1958, Hideraldo Luiz Bellini) since their mega-hit, "Samba de Janeiro", which sold over 4 million copies worldwide, Bellini is considered to be one of the most successful musical teams on the international scene. The Cologne-born formation, whose shows always make for extraordinary eye candy with their presentation of the most breathtaking beauties from all over the world, has became the name for perfectly produced, endlessly captivating and fantastically attractive party breakers.

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Samba De Janeiro Jul 1997


Arriba Allez Dec 1995
Samba De Janeiro May 1997
Carnaval Jul 1997
Me Gusta La Vida Jun 1998 Click to listen to Bellini - Me Gusta La Vida
Saturday Night May 1999
Brazil Jun 2000
Magalenha Jun 2004
Tutti Frutti Jul 2004
Samba 2006 Jul 2006
Hot hot hot 1st Jun 2008

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