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 As XX band, was founded in 1997 in Galati (a town from Danube river), The members were Cristina Munteanu, Ciprian and Gabi.

The first album was called “Inima te Cheama ” (Heart is calling) and the first single from that material was “Spune-mi de ce” (Tell me why), a slow song but with an unexpected success.

After that was followed by “Inima te Cheama ” (Heart is calling) in May'99 the first time was played on radio Alfa a local radio station from Galati, the song was a smash hit in romanian clubs. With this album have started to numerous appearances and concerts, the band was quoted as the best group of the moment. These singles were part of a re-mix that was included on the EP "Nu pot uita (I can't forget)", in February 2000, in this ep was included the songs like"Vreau ( I Want) " and " Amintirea ta (In your mind)".

In June 2000 Gabi leaves the band for a solo career he began his own project called President, his first single was "Tupeu", Cristina and Ciprian continue rising next to the well-known label Cat Music / Media Services, which launched the EP " Aşa cum ai visat (As you dream)" the single enjoying a very successful video which carried the logo "Empire" directed by Andrei Paduraru . After success with " Aşa cum ai visat (As you dream)" of the dance-house followed by the " Nu pleca (Don’t go)" a piece of resistance.

Already in full ascension, with numerous concerts and appearances during preparations for a new album was a terrible accident on 24th September 2000 in which the destiny of the defeated Ciprian who died, and Cristina very seriously injured managed to recover after a month and a half.

Determined to fight and lead to further success of the band, after seven months absent on the music. Cristina returns in a new formula Cristina and Alexander. Alexander was a student in Bucharest. Together they released an album " La bine şi la greu ( Hard and Good)", the 1st single choosen was " Numai cu tine (Only with you)". The album was produced by Free Music production that the band has worked.

2011 At the begining of 2011 Cristina and Gabi team up as As XX for the first single called  "Rien vas plus", soon will be fallowed by a new material. 

Thanks for infos to  Corina M & Dj K


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Inima te cheama Jan 1999
Aša cum ai visat May 2000
La bine şi la greu Jun 2001


La Mare Jun 1998
Inima te cheama May 1999 Click to listen to As XX - Inima te cheama
Amintirea ta Aug 1999
Vreau Aug 2000 Click to listen to As XX - Vreau
Asa cum ai visat May 2001 Click to listen to As XX - Asa cum ai visat
Nu pleca Jul 2001 Click to listen to As XX - Nu pleca
Inima te cheama 2010 Aug 2010
Rien Va Plus Aug 2010

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