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All Their Best (7th Nov 1996) album
Fun Factory


1.  Celebration (Radio party vocal)
2.  Don't Go Away (Radio walk)
3.  Doh Wah Diddy (Dee dee radio)
4.  I Wanna B With U (B on the air rap)
5.  I Love You (Album version)
6.  Pain (Feel the pain mix)
7.  Close To You (Trouble mix)
8.  Oh Yeah Yeah (I Like It)
9.  Prove Your Love L
10.  Love Of My Life L
11.  Groove Me (Album version)
12.  Take Your Chance (take the airwaves Mix)
13.  Fun Factory's Theme
14.  Doh Wah Diddy (Doh wah nrg-Remix)
15.  Celebration (Slam rap extended)
16.  I Wanna B With U (Homegirls int
17.  Freestylin

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All Their Best

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