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Piece of Paradise (May 1998) album


1.  Joy And Fun (Sunshine Clubmix)
2.  Summerfeeling (Radio Mix) Click to listen to Pandera - Summerfeeling (Radio Mix)
3.  Terranova (Pandera Airplay Remix)
4.  Come To Me (Radio Mix)
5.  I Love You Baby (Radio Mix)
6.  In My Dreams (Radio Mix)
7.  We've Got The Power (Radio Mix)
8.  Diamond Chord (Radio Mix)
9.  Waiting Man (Radio Mix)
10.  Papa Don (Afro Clubmix)
11.  In My Dreams (Freestyle Project Radio Remix)
12.  We've Got The Power (Freestyle Project Radio Remix)
13.  High & Low (Radio Mix)
14.  Fifth Colour Man (Radio Mix)
15.  It's A Dream (Radio Mix)
16.  I Love You Baby (Camel Boom-Beat Remix)
17.  Summerfeeling (Ragga Mix)

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