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It all started out in 1993 with their first single No Time 2 Waste, which wasted no time in cracking the top 10 in Europe.

During the following years they scored a string of hits, which brought them success in countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, Israel, Ireland, Scandinavia, South-America and of course their homecountry, Holland. Songs like A Part Of My Life, Where R U Now, Take Me 2 The Limit and of course Sex On The Beach kept people moving all over the world. Releasing 4 full album CDs, incl. a remix CD and a hitsingle collection, they proved to be one of the most versatile dance acts to have ever existed. They produced some powerful eurodance tracks, but also groovy R&B songs, upbeat happy hardcore tunes and even euroreggae and eurodisco tracks.

Behind T-Spoon stands Prince Peration (Dutch Remy de Groot), the founder and one of the driving forces behind T-Spoon. The co-producers were Dominic Sas and Serge Ramaekers (famous for their projects Confetti's and Cartouche). On stage T-Spoon consisted of 4 people : a female vocalist (Ingrid Simons, Jean Shy, Blonde, then Linda Estelle) and a male rapper (Shamrock, replaced in 1998 by Greg Dillard, then in 2001 by King Lover), and the two dancers Regilio and Anatevka

Legend says that Shamrock said while stirring a cup of tea "I'd rather have a gold record than a gold tea spoon any day". "That's it" exclaimed Prince Peration, "That's the name", and so the name T-Spoon was born.

1993 : the first ever T-Spoon single No Time 2 Waste featured the vocals of one of Holland's most sought after session singers : Ingrid Simons aka BB Queen (named after Blues-legend B.B.King). Ingrid was described as a powerful singer with a magnetic stage presence. Her voice may be found not only in the clubs on CD and radio, but also behind many of the Disney films. BB Queen had 2 hits in central Europe. Blueshouse and Soul Train in the early 90s .This was T-Spoon's first top 10 hit.

1994 : T-Spoon's 2nd was released : Take Me 2 The Limit was once again a top 10 hit. Then Ingrid Simons left the group to do vocals on Eton Crop's singles Don't You Understand and Everybody.

The album Joy, Life And Pain was released in October, along with the third single Where R U Now.

Where R U Now featured the vocals of Jean Shy, an American singer raised on gospel, blues and rock. She has had many single releases including the US top 10 hit Night Dancer. This track went top 10 in the Netherlands in no time! Because she was touring Europe with her band the Shy Guys she became the perfect candidate for T-Spoon.

1995 : Jean Shy also contributed to the follow-up Mercedes Benz (a cover of Janis Joplin song originally recorded in 1970), which also reached a top 10 spot. The single also included the superb backing vocal of Blonde.

Blonde (aka Mich van Hautem) was the name of this stunning singer with the long 'blonde' hair. She had previously performed with artists such as Blue Hot, Little Sister and Klootper W. Blonde also did backing vocals on B.B. Jerome & The Bang Gang - You Can Rock It (to which Dominic Sas contributed as a songwriter) She had also been the voice behind a couple of movie sound tracks such as Crazy Love and For Love And Money. Apart from her performance on Mercedes Benz, she 'opened up' completely in the sensual track Open Up 2 U.

The follow-up single was See The Light. Apart from Shamrock and Linda Estelle, it featured the guest raps of Johnny Kelvin (who released 3 solo singles, among them the eurodance song Satisfaction Guaranteed, and also did backing vocals for CB Milton's If You Leave Me Now along with Ingrid Simons).

Joy, Life & Pain also included the track Fly Away, which released as a single much later. It featured vocals by Sofie Dijkmans, a young Belgian girl who made her debute performance on the Joy, Life & Pain album. Although she had not been long in the public eye, her voice had all the character of a well seasoned professional. Sofie (who had her own pop-rock band) had an irresistible flavour perfectly suited to the song Fly Away.

In 1997 they released one of the biggest summerhits of the '90's with their anthem Sex On The Beach. In the year of release it went top3 in the Netherlands and top 10 in Belgium... but the big internationalsuccess came in 1998, when Sex On The Beach was released in Irelandand the UK. It entered the UK Top 40 at number 2 and stayed in the top10 for more than a month, which is something uncommon in the British charts.

Humphrey Mijland a.k.a. King Lover was a guest vocalist on Sex On The Beach and he could also be heard on the follow-up Message Of Love. Before teaming up with T-Spoon. He worked with the 2 Brothers on a projects like Skibby and Definition Of Joy.

1999 saw the continuing success of Sex On The Beach, when it went to the number 1 position in Japan and the Fiji Islands and entered the top 10 in Australia and New Zealand ! Due to censorship, it was renamed as Fun On The Beach in some countries. 1999 also sees the UK releaseof Tom's Party. which also entered the UK Top 40. They became thesecond Dutch dance act ever to score two Top 40 hits in a row. (After 2 Unlimited ).

Spring 1999 saw the first pre-release of the forthcoming album T-Spoon in the form of the smashing Got 2 Get U Back. The new album was completely produced by Remy de Groot and Axel Breitung. In June the second pre-release was taken of the album : Summer Love .This track reached a top 15 placement in Holland and is awaiting release in other countries.

A huge megadeal with Sony Music/550 Music in the US and Sony Music/Epic Records in Canada saw the release of Sex On The Beach throughout North-America in August. The album, which comes in the US and in the Dutch version, was released at the end of August in the US and in September in Holland. The big difference between the two versions is the absence of Sex On The Beach and Tom's Party on the Dutch version because Sex On The Beach was already featured on the Hit Collection album. Both these tracks were new to countries other than the Netherlands, sothey were added on the other version. The Dutch version does however contain three tracks which are not on the US version: Go!, If I Could Turn Back Time and the dancefloor stormer Heaven In My Hand.

October 1999 also saw the release of the new Dutch single I Want To Be Your Man. At the same time Delicious was released in Belgium.

In 2000 Greg left the band. During the Summer, the T-Spoon crew had a lawsuit against him. He was accused of not keeping his appointments, so the crew kicked him out of the group. Greg got to court and won the case but the Judge said that he couldn't force the crew to take him back. T-Spoon hasn't published the crisis on their website. Ingrid Simons took part to the Phonical Mass! single called Carry On.

Summer 2001 : The new single from T-Spoon was called Sexy Lady. It featured the rapper King Lover who also did previously the ragga raps on Sex On The Beach and Message Of Love. It included a B-side entiled Rivers Of Babylon.

2002 : a promo single entitled Alive & Kicking was released under white label. At the end of this year a major promotion campaign started from one of Hollands biggest internet providers, Zon. They used T-Spoon's first song No Time 2 Waste as the backingtrack, and people started requesting the track again.

Summer 2003 : Linda left the project. No Time 2 Waste 2003 was released in collaboration with the project Supreme Dream Team.

2004 : in June, the single Sex On The Beach 2004 was released. Shamrock was back with the group, and they introduced a new member : Marlène Berger. Drinks called Sex On The Beach was released at the same time : energy drinks in 2 flavors : citrus and original, and 2 vodkas.

In July, they performed on the TV show "Het Swing Paleis" in Belgium and at Six Flags in Holland. In August, they did a performance in Berlikum in the Netherlands, introducing their new dancers Leandro and N-joy. Then, they went to Poland to record a TV show.

2005 : Remy de Groot and Serge Ramaekers are said to be working on a new single.

2007 : Jean Shy released a single called Mr. Music Maker from her current CD album The Other Side of Blue.

2008 : Shamrock and Linda Estelle cameback for a show in Romania .

2009 : No Time 2 Waste 2009 was released in June and Shamrock and Linda Estelle keeping touring.

2010 : They release new tracks but they change the style  also and the members, the new formula is Raw Jawz rapper and Blondi vocalist, they replace Linda and Shamrock.

2010 : Linda Estelle came with a new single called Hold on it's a tune made in colaboration with dutch dj Sinharja.

2010 : A new single will be release in 2011 with the new members the title of the song is unknown yet.



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Thanks to Rogier Verkroost and Nicolas for the latest informations.

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No Time 2 Waste 4th Nov 1993
Take Me 2 The Limit 24th Jun 1994 Click to listen to T-Spoon - Take Me 2 The Limit
Where R U Now Sep 1994
Mercedes Benz 25th Jan 1995 Click to listen to T-Spoon - Mercedes Benz
See The Light Mar 1995
A Part Of My Life Sep 1995 Click to listen to T-Spoon - A Part Of My Life
Rockstar Mar 1996 Click to listen to T-Spoon - Rockstar
Someone Loves You Honey May 1996
Keep On Smiling Aug 1996
Fly Away Jan 1997
Sex On The Beach 30th Jun 1997 Click to listen to T-Spoon - Sex On The Beach
Message Of Love Sep 1997
Merry Christmas Nov 1997
Tom's Party Mar 1998
Got 2 Get U Back Feb 1999
Summer Love Jul 1999 Click to listen to T-Spoon - Summer Love
I Want To Be Your Man Sep 1999
Delicious Sep 1999 Click to listen to T-Spoon - Delicious
Delicious/F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L. Apr 2000
Sexy Lady Mar 2001 Click to listen to T-Spoon - Sexy Lady
Alive & Kicking (promo only) 2002 Click to listen to T-Spoon - Alive & Kicking
No Time 2 Waste 2k3 / Alive & Kicking 2003
Sex on the Beach 2004 2004
No time to waste 2009 Jun 2009 Click to listen to T-Spoon - No time to waste 2009
Krush! Aug 2009
Club On Fire Aug 2009


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